Hour Zero Radio
This place looks different...
Hello, everyone. As you may have noticed, Hour Zero Radio has ceased to exist (for now). There is a sad lack of rock music outlets in Athens (I'm looking at you Bulldog 93.3), and, unfortunately, one that we aren't able to fill *right now*
I've recently been asked as to why we have disbanded. Pull up a chair and let uncle D tell you a story.
In early 2016, our primary file server died on us. We lost ~10TB worth of data (including years and years of music collecting and B&D Supershow data). Much of this music was not backed up and lost forever (Lesson learned: Back your data up). Running the DJ PC 24/7 proved to be quite costly in terms of electricity. It also produced an obnoxious amount of heat in an already overheated room.
In 2017, we lost two of our dear friends and co-hosts. Jason Eaton (Droopy) passed away of liver failure. Craig Phillips (Crazy C) passed away in a car accident.
What happened to the B&D Supershow?
To put it quite simply: time. B works full time in Athens, as do I. DL lives and works in Franklin Springs. While we all enjoyed putting on a show for you every week (or 2 weeks.. or month), it became harder and harder to get together and crank out content. Will we ever get back together to do another segment? It's definitely not outside of the realm of possibility.
Tell me more
What goes into running an online radio station, you ask? There are quite a number of things. You need:
  1. Music (we have this already)
  2. DJ equipment (we also have this)
  3. Licensing (woah.. what?) As it turns out, you can't just play music and have an audience listen. You have to pay royalties to the record labels. While we do not all agree with this, it's something that has to be taken into account when running an online radio station. Additionally, it isn't cheap and is based on the amount of listening hours.
For now, HZR will live on in the hearts of our listeners. This doesn't mean that the end is nigh... just on an indefinite hiatus.
Stay heavy \../
- D

Hour Zero Radio is dedicated in loving memory of Damian Biddle, Craig Phillips and Jason Eaton